Carl Kornmeyer


Carl Kornmeyer is an entertainment executive with more than 30 years operational experience in domestic and international cable television networks, programming development and distribution, major market broadcast television, radio stations, music entities, magazine publications, guidance of start-ups and re-engineering of existing companies.

Mr. Kornmeyer held a number of senior management roles with Gaylord Entertainment Company (NYSE: GET). He was President of Music, Media, and Entertainment, at the time he left in 2001. His tenure included a term as acting CFO of Gaylord Entertainment, directing all financial activities, investor relation functions and providing general operational oversight relating to mergers, acquisitions and business development. He was among the developers and management team of The Nashville Network (TNN) and was a senior executive at Country Music Television (CMT) after guiding the acquisition by Gaylord. He later served as a principal negotiator in the sale of TNN and CMT, a $1.55 billion transaction between Gaylord and Westinghouse/CBS.

Wm. A. Landers
Creative Director

Wm. A. Landers is an accomplished Producer, Director, Writer and Composer with more than 30 years of experience. Storytelling is a passion and he employs multiple aspects of the trade in his works.
His credits include long format series television & specials in a wide array of genres… Outdoor Adventure, Travel, Music, Documentary, Drama, Comedy & Motorsports.

Mr. Landers has also created short format commercials & presentations for some of America’s leading corporations including Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay, Campho-phenique, Ray-Ban, AC Delco, Hobie Cat, Kelly Tires and Pennzoil Motor Oil.

The storytelling continues with Mr. Landers & his team in ongoing projects now in development including a singer/songwriter series revealing the music, the passion & the journey of America’s modern troubadours; an illuminating exploration within America’s natural wonders where myth, mystery and the quest for adventure never die; and two feature films written for the screen.

J. Brent Landers


J. Brent Landers is a seasoned Producer, Editor and Composer experienced in a variety of programming including Reality, Outdoor Adventure, Drama, Comedy and Documentary.

He serves as Sr. Producer/Sr. Editor on all projects of Forty-one Entertainment, notably the adventure series, The KT Diaries and Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine airing on Versus Television Network.

He has extensive knowledge in high definition production, broadcast editing, digital audio, computer graphics & animation. Mr. Landers’ corporate clients include: Progressive Insurance, Ranger Boats, Hobie Cat, Kelly Tires, and Pennzoil Motor Oil

Stacy Dean Campbell


Stacy Dean Campbell, a native of New Mexico, has enjoyed a career in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.

Early on he met success in his first trip to Nashville, TN as a young Singer/Songwriter & soon-to-be Recording Artist with Sony & Warner Bros. Records.

Critics applauded his efforts in the studio, in concert & live appearances as featured in People Magazine, Time, Country Music Magazine & USA Today. In the coming years he parlayed his accomplishments to get behind the camera, his talents affording opportunities as a writer & filmmaker.

Today Mr. Campbell serves as Producer, Director, Co-creator & Talent on several 41 Entertainment projects including their new singer/songwriter series, Troubador, TX now in production, and the history-charged travel series on PBS, Bronco Roads… Life In The West.

Creative Storytellers

41 Entertainment is a team of Storytellers with years of experience in film and television entertainment. Their expertise in high definition production, distribution and corporate management has been commended in such popular publications as TV Guide, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Tennessean, The Houston Post, Country America along with financial magazines such as Fortune and Business Week.  In the world of adventure & outdoor entertainment, the team enjoys working with some of America’s most celebrated personalities.

Since teaming up with industry Legend, Hank Parker in 1984, more than 300 episodes of “Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine” have been produced as well as their cinematic exemplar of entertainment and instruction, “Spinners”. On the lighter side, TV Guide Magazine named their comical series, “Go Fish” with ESPN’s funnyman, Fish Fishburne, among its “top 10 Picks” for Kid’ Programming. Their newest series, “The KT Diaries” with adventure guide Kevin Townsend, and the history-laced travel show, “Bronco Roads“, are syndicated through the London Broadcasting Station Group across Texas & additional markets throughout the Southwest.

41 Entertainment partners have also enjoyed participation in the exciting, hard driving world of motorsports including an alliance with NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon.

Their partnership has produced several television specials including the one-hour Broadcast Special for NBC Sports: “Nascar Behind the Scenes with Jeff Gordon”and “Jeff Gordon: Wide Open”, a fast-paced, one-hour documentary and 70 minute home video presenting the life of this NASCAR Driver Of The Year.

Critical acclaim has been attributed to many of the team’s productions including the music documentary series, “Full Access”… a behind-the-scenes look at Country Music’s Hottest Stars amid the unpredictable goings-on while on tour. Another is their internationally syndicated film, “Not Fade Away: Remembering Buddy Holly”… a two-hour music documentary on singer/songwriter/rock-a-billy star, Buddy Holly. It follows the making of Decca Records’ tribute album honoring his music and features such artists as The Hollies, the late Waylon Jennings, Mark Knopfler and special appearance by Paul McCartney.

In addition to long format production, the 41 Entertainment team is well experienced in short format film commercials & corporate presentations designed for some of America’s leading companies.

A subsidiary of London Broadcasting Company, 41 Entertainment is a Dallas-based media production company developing, producing & distributing television programs, television commercials, motion pictures and other forms of video and music content.

41 is the inspiration from a story…



When a Jewish prince, Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston), is betrayed by his boyhood friend, Messala, (Stephen Boyd), Consul of Caesar he is sent into slavery on a Roman ship. After three and a half years in chains, the once distinguished and respected Prince of Hur is known only by his rowing position in the galleys… XLI. Confronted by the newly appointed Supreme Commander of the Roman Fleet, Quintus Arrius (Jack Hawkins), Ben-Hur affirms the faithfulness of his God, only to be whipped, “Now listen to me, all of you,” Arrius decrees. “You are all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well and live.”
But Providence moves purposefully in an ensuing sea battle and amid the destruction of the slave ship and certain naval defeat, oarsman XLI saves the life of the Admiral Arrius. Afloat for days, the Slave keeps the Master alive until the two are at last rescued by a Roman reconnaissance vessel. Aware of his fate as a conquered Commander, Arrius is stunned to learn the battle did not end in defeat but complete victory. He has been summoned by Caesar to be honored instead of executed. “Well, Forty-one…”, the redeemed Commander proclaims with wonder, “in his eagerness to save you, your god has saved the entire Roman Fleet.”

Arrius takes Ben-Hur with him to Rome and soon adopts him as his own son. His position and authority restored, the Son of Hur – now the Son of Arrius – returns to his homeland to face his nemisis, redeem his family and confront his destiny.

It began as a novel written in 1880 by Lew Wallace, an American General in the Civil War. It has since never been out of print. Through the years its reach continued to Broadway & beyond. Three screenplays were written & produced and with MGM’s film adaptation in 1959, “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ”" became the most honored motion picture in the history of cinema with global acclamation including eleven Academy Awards.

For many the world over it is still the most inspiring story ever told.