Big Cave Country


There’s nothing like your hometown. I think I could walk through the caverns blind folded and backwards. Every time someone came to visit of course they had to go to the caverns. Ken Burns pointed out that our National Parks are America’s best idea. I think he may be right. Society is moving so fast. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Remember, “dial up” Internet and how we would patiently sit and wait for things to load. Shoot, man we might even sip a cup of coffee or a little vino while we waited. Nowadays we get frustrated if it ain’t loading instantaneously. It all seems to feel frantic. National Parks may not seem quite “high octane” enough for some folks today but when you get out in them, you really can feel the urgency begin to ease and a sense of calm wash over you. I agree, I think they were-are a great idea!