History at 24 Frames a Second

The lights dim. The curtain opens. The switch is flicked. A quick whiff of burned ozone and the bulb glares through the lens. The fan gurgles to a steady rpm and the big reels start to spin. The magic of film explodes onto the big screen and we venture into these communal portals to escape reality if only for a few hours. The cinema. Offering these little escapes since about 1896. A mainstay in communities ever since. The Cliftex Theater in Clifton, TX. Fully restored to its’ original charm. Refurbished with state of the art projection for a vivid, beautiful film experience. Need to start documenting all these old marquees and ticket booths. Since I’ve started keeping a look out for them I’m noticing more and more. Architecturally much more interesting than the big multi-screen movieplexes we have today. Somehow the old ones feel a bit more reverent to the art of film itself. It must have been quite a special event to experience a film in the days before our present overwhelming onslaught of technology. A real shame to think they may be extinct one day. I can remember my Pop talking about getting a nickel to go see Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy at the Saturday matinee. Larger than life itself. Somehow I just don’t think they would have looked the same on any of the iThings.