Bronco Roads

Goodnight, Charlie Goodnight


Lonesome Dove. I remember thinking that I could never read a book that long. But once I got into the characters I couldn’t seem to put it down. And then, the film. Now I find myself driving across the Texas plains and roaming around the canyon that helped create the real life characters that inspired McMurtry’s Capt. Woodrow Call and Capt. Augustus McCrae. Palo Duro Canyon…want to do some recording in one of those rock cabins on the rim as well. I’m feeling pretty inspired all the way around.

The Old Rock Church


Not quite sure how to tackle this music video. A song to pay tribute to a young woman whose short life seemed to be such an inspiration to everyone that she came in contact with. And an old rock church where she told her daddy that one day she wanted to be married in. Shooting music videos is one thing but being asked to create something that reflects this kind of homage to a life is a bit overwhelming. I hope I’m up to the task. I know I’m going to be up for a bacon cheeseburger at the Horny Toad when we wrap though!



Some say I’m a drifter with trouble at my heels. Some say I’m rich man with freedom ‘neath my wheels. Some say I’m just a vagabond an aimless dreamer nothing more. But my friend, life has a melody and I’m just a troubadour… I guess I am a troubadour. And a bit of a drifter. And getting to go to Gruene, hear some great live music, eat fresh German crepes and fly-fish in the Guadalupe river…I guess I am a rich man as well. When I saw this trashed out Bronco on that front lawn in New Mexico, I never imagined that it could take me to the places it’s taking me. In the words of Springsteen, “Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain but, just a little touch up and a little paint!”

The Birth of Saint Elieso


I’m standing on this old movie set out in the middle of the desert. We’re setting up to shoot a film based on a story that I started dreaming up a long time ago. Two elderly Mexican men in a Texas border town have feuded over a small debt that ultimately cost the life of the woman that they both loved. It seems that I’ve watched this movie a thousand times on a screen inside my mind and now I’m standing on this set and I couldn’t picture a more perfect place to bring the story to life. Adobe mission, cantina, the desert. It’s perfect. This set has been used as the backdrop for some of the greatest westerns ever filmed including…you guessed it Lonesome Dove. Chased Judge Roy Bean around Del Rio too.